Frequently asked questions

At Select OwnersCorp Management we place a premium on communication and strong client relationships.

Here are some questions we’re frequently asked. If your question isn’t here or you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to Contact Select OwnersCorp Management.

Is my maintenance problem an “Owners Corporation problem”?

It’s very important to understand that not all maintenance problems are Owners Corporation-related.

For example, if your private applicances such as heater, air conditioner, oven etc breaks down, please contact your agent or service provider. This is considered a private maintenance issue and the Owners Corporation has no role to play in its rectification.

On the other hand, security gate malfunctions, lift faults, impact damage, hallway lighting, blocked sewers and fallen trees are examples of issues your Owners Corporation will handle.

The best way to think of it is to ask: “Does this affect my building’s common property or services?” Problems relating to common property are Owners Corporation issues.

By the way, though we’ve all done it, locking yourself out is not an owners corporation matter!

What do I do if I have an after hours emergency?

For after hours emergencies Tymaline Building Services are available on 0418 362 023.

Please note, if the matter is not an Owners Corporation emergency you may be charged either a minimum call out fee of $360 or a minimum service fee for taking your call after hours of $30.

How do I organise property maintenance?

Please click here and complete the contact form provided. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Can I receive my owners corporation correspondence by email?

Yes.  We encourage all owners corporations and their lot owners to use email as the principal means to obtain their official correspondence from us.  We believe that email is the most accurate means to communicate in our electronic age.  Above all, it allows our communications to be instantaneous.

To get this facility underway please click here and register your email details with us, agreeing to the provisions for electronic communications.

Who is my property manager at Select?

Please refer to your latest levy notice. Your property manager’s name and contact details are on the top right hand corner of your notice.

Why have I been charged an Owners Corporation levy?

Owners Corporation levies are a legal requirement of living in a property covered by an Owners Corporation, and cover the cost of maintaining, insuring and improving your building’s common property based on the budget set by your Owners Corporation at a general meeting.

Special levies may be raised to cover unexpected events including emergency works and legal matters which may arise or other extraordinary works not covered in the budget.

Why have my levies changed?

Your levies may have changed as a result of adjustments to your building’s budget as agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Levies may also be increased because interest has been charged due to late payment or special levies have been raised for unforeseen circumstances.

There have been important changes to DEFT payments made at Australia Post.

To reflect recent price increases by Australia Post, from 1 October 2016, there will be a $2.75 processing fee charged for any DEFT payments made at Australia Post outlets.

You will be charged this fee at the time of payment, for example if your levy is $100.00, when you make a payment at Australia Post, $2.75 will be added and you will be required to pay $102.75.

Why is this happening?

There are higher costs involved with making a payment at Australia Post due to the manual over the counter nature of processing payments. Australia Post has increased their costs over time, which has resulted in the decision to introduce this fee to payers.

What options are available to me?

For alternative DEFT payment channels, we encourage you to choose one of the many options highlighter at the bottom of your levy notice, such as BPAY®, direct debit or credit card.

What are my options for paying levies?

Your options for paying levies are:

  • BPAY
    On your internet banking – use the Biller Code and Reference number from your levy notice.
  • Credit card
    You will need the reference number on your levy notice.
    Please use this link and scroll down to the ‘Pay Once’ button or call 1300 30 10 90, or International +612 8232 7395. A credit card surcharge will apply.
  • Payments by phone or internet from your cheque or savings account
    This requires registration. Please complete a Customer Initiated Direct Debit Registration Form available at or call 1800 672 162
  • Cheques
    Can be presented at post offices with your levy notice, or mailed to DEFT Payment Systems:
    GPO Box 2174, Melbourne VIC 3001
    All cheques must be made payable to: Deft Payment Systems and have the bottom portion of your levy notice attached and filled in with the amount of the attached cheque.
  • Cash
    Can be accepted at all post offices and must be attached to the bottom portion of your levy notice.