Looking for a manager?

At Select OwnersCorp Management our daily reality is helping an ever-changing mix of personalities from all walks of life manage the complex responsibility of running an Owners Corporation. We help create shared goals that embrace a constantly evolving structure of rules, laws, financial responsibilities and lifestyle aspirations.

If you’re a developer, architect, builder, lawyer, investor or any person involved in a new property venture where common property will be created – we’re ready to help you (and the sooner you involve us the better)

  • Let us work through the legal and financial challenges of setting up an Owners Corporation with you.
  • Our team can provide quick and efficient communication on the handover process.
  • Let us guide you through setting up the Owners Corporation ‘special rules’.
  • Involving Select OwnersCorp Management in the planning stages can assist in the smooth operation of the property when it becomes an Owners Corporation without the need for costly rework and delay.

We’ve seen many instances where a lack of focus on owners corporation issues in the design process has resulted in immense cost at the time of sale and after, from work requiring remediation. Call us as early in your design process as you can.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of working with Select OwnersCorp.


On the registration of your certificate of occupancy. Your builders’ insurance policy will no longer cover your development. We will be there to arrange appropriate insurance for your property to make sure that you are covered at all times.


At Select OwnersCorp Management we constantly keep up to date with all relevant laws.

The Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Regulations 2007; Subdivision Act 1988; Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Regulations; Building Act 1993; and Building Regulations 2006 – are just a few examples of legislation that have an impact on your owners corporation and its functions.

We will prepare your Owners Corporation certificates in a timely manner to ensure that settlements are kept on track.

We are available to consult on your Plans of Subdivision prior to registration to assist in the smooth operation of the Owners Corporation.

Preparing budgets

Operational budgets are required sooner than you think. We can set up the budgets you will need to advertise your properties in the early marketing stages; and work with you to finalise the budgets for settlement.


“I’ve now been with Select for about a year and a half and have had nothing but good responses whenever I’ve encountered problems at our property managed by them. We have been provided with a manager who is always contactable and very helpful. We’ve worked through a major project together, and as happens with large projects, issues arose however our manager Shaun was always willing to step in to assist with solving any problems we encountered and we have finished that project and are moving on to another major undertaking.” – Adam Cammidge, October 2016

“An on point service from start to finish – thanks guys” – Shane O’Donovan, March 2017

“The guys on the team here seem to be experienced and they seem to genuinely care about the people they’re working for. It’s a refreshing change having worked with a number of Body Corporates before who are just pursuing their own agendas” – David Luff, October 2015